Thursday, September 30, 2004

A Scorpio Girl...

(90.4 Cosmopolitan FM, 2004)

She may at first appear to be a very feminine, dependent woman, but not so. She just being misterious.

You will have to get into her true graces before she reveals her real self. She chooses her friend carefully, but once “in” she is loyal.

Her strong passionate nature is most often kept under control.

Scorpio women are very beware and would rarely reveal a secret told them or secrets about themselves. Her emotions are complex and she needs a man who understands them.

She is possessive but does not want to be possessed.

She wants a lover who enjoys sex at all times.

Theme : mysterious

Theme song : “In Private” – Dusty Springfield

Time signal : quotes of wisdom

Insert :

Insert Interactive : forgive and forget

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