Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why Am I Still Single?

Okay, this is gonna be an embarassing blog. Yes, a bad blog for my reputation. It might make me look pathethic, weak, lonely, or even too sentimental. But I really need to do this!

The question is : why am I still single? How could I’ve never had a real love relationship like other “normal” people had? Come on, that’s kinda weird for a 26 years old female, am I right?!? So, can u help me to answer this mystery of my life?

Well, I once had a relationship with a guy in New York. But I think it’s a weird one. I don’t say that was a playful relationship. It’s just not normal. Well, he’s an Indonesian, Batak as well. We’d had the relationship for more than a year, but we’d never met during the relationship! We started the relationship after he went abroad, and we broke up before the meeting plan came true. I only met his friends, his cousins, his brothers and sisters (with their partners), and his mother. But not him. *sigh* And that’s all I got. It’s still the best one so far (actually, it’s because I don’t have any other love story). Geez, was it the best I could have? Pathethic, huh?

Well, I don’t need any comment about my past relationship. It’s already passed. Don’t u dare judging it, especially when you don’t have enough information about the process and the exact situation. :)

Soo, back to the main topic. Can u help me by giving me ur opinion, guys? I’m so open to all opinion. Maybe there’re things I must change (only for a good reason, hehe). Physichly? Maybe about my weight? The way I dress? The way I look other people (many people get intimidated at the 1st meeting hihi)? Or any other things about my appearance? Psychologically? More humble? More friendly? More happy? Less sensitive? More independent? Or I need to do something about my daily activities? Anything guys. Please, speak up ur mind. Especially for you who has know me quite well.

Hope to hear from you, guys...

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