Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Birthday Wish List....

Well, I'm not as freak as Rachel Green in Friends Movie Serial who wouldnt receive any birthday present which wasnt on her birthday wish list, or even exchange it into something she wanted.

I also would still be grateful eventough I might not get anything I wanted, since each day is a blessing. Every air I breathe. Everything I had in life. Everyone I love. Everyone who loves me. Nothing can compare those things God has given to me.

BUT! I would give some opportunity for everyone to make me even moorree happy on my upcoming birthday. How? Well, maybe you could pick one of the things listed below (sort by priority). Hehe...

1. A boyfriend (hmm, anybody?)
2. Mac Notebook (matre abiss!) ato laptop apa aja deh!
3. Feminine shoes sized 43 (hmm, alamat dikasi yg dragqueen nih)
4. Dance Course Membership
5. Fitness Membership
6. Fakebooks (photocopy is legal)
7. Clinique Eye Repair
8. Black belt (about 10 cm wide)
9. Leather Case for my Nokia E71
10. Black (or any colour) thick legging or stockings
11. Silver or wooden Christian cross (5 to 10 cm big)
12. Any kind of voucher
13. Jazz Music CD
14. Any product for face or body health
15. Unique but simple Wall Clock (mine's already broken)
16. A bottle of Baileys! Hmm! *slurp*
17. Femaly puppy.
18. a PRAY for me

"Stick to the list, Man! Stick to the list!" (Ross Geller from Friends)

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