Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Be a Blessing on Easter....

Maybe this would be my last note before my departure for the Europe Tour. Actually I'm so soo tired, but I can't help not to share. Tonight is one of the unforgetful times for me.

Finally finished the "Once Upon A Tree" Concert, an Easter Musical by Pepper Choplin, at my church, HKBP Sudirman. Presented by the young-adult of the church, NHKBP Sudirman, and I'm so blessed to be their vocal coach since 2 months ago and be the conductor of the show.

So many unsatisfying things, so many mistakes, so many unperfecfulness, but still it could be a blessing for everyone.

This might be not my best performance. This might be not my greatest performance. But it surely brings so much joy in my heart. Can't tell how many compliments we (or me myself) had received. Some things that really satisfying:
. Great compossision of Pepper Choplin. Simple, but meaningful.
. Great act director who could bring the idea to the reality, in details! They put all their mind and heart fully to the performance.
. Much better vocal technique of the choir (compared to 2 months ago, the 1st time I met them again after 3 years), and I'm glad they're willing to learn.
. The balance of choir and minus-one orchestra (as we usually had a very very noisy (!!!) accompaniment).
. Great actors from all categories, Naposobulung (Young-Adult), Remaja (Youth), Ama (Fathers), Ina (Mothers), and Sekolah Minggu (Children), that makes it maybe the best colossal performance of our church.
. Cooperative soloist! They're at my parents' age, but they're willing to cooperate with me. They would do everything that I and the director want them to do! Thank you..
. GREAT TEAMWORK! They're amazing! They always be able to make all things come true. They're so responsible, eventhough I often left them due to my preparation of the Europe Competition. Very detailed indeed. Salute! Salute!

I thank God for the great gift. Tonight I'm so blessed to be His instrument. I'm glad this low-budget-and-so-simple performance (compared to all the great celebration we've held), can touch people's heart. It even can make me cry into tears during the GR. Tonight it also bring tears to people who watch. I'm glad God uses me as one of His instrument, and be a blessing to the people of the ceremony.

There's always joy when able to make other people happy. I can see how proud the people who loves me. I'm so thankful still be able to bring joy, happiness, proud, to people who loves me.

Still a long way to go. Hope still be able to do more things and serve the church, and be His great instrument...

Happy Easter, everyone...

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