Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh, Noo! My Unconsciousness are Getting Wild in Dreams!

I'm not a dreamer. Not at all. I rarely have dreams during my sleep. But these late few weeks, I suddenly become a regular dreamer.

The worse thing is... the dream is always something I have unconciously in my mind during the day. Need an example? I'll give u some...


Daytime :
I was so angry in the evening. The last thing I discussed is how I hate the term "men & commitment". They're not good related to each other. I (again) said how I much I dont wanna marry them.

Dream :
I got married. Everybody's coming and partying. My big family was dancing and singing all the way. But I found that the happiness was not at the maximum. I also cried when I met my mom. Why? Coz I got married with a WOMAN!


Daytime :
I got a naughty SMS from a guy. Not so naughty. Yeah, I admit it. He's my type of guy I'd always wanted since a long time ago. But, in fact, he's married, with children. :(

Dream :
We were having an affair, and getting wild, but only on SMS and eye contact. We exchanged SMS face to face, with his wife on his side. His wife was so jealous of it. Ohh, no....it's getting weird.


Daytime :
Talked about how I hate why all the "good" guys are taken.

The married guy exsisted once more! Uhh, it was a nice dream, anyway. This time, I can feel him. I can feel his hands all around me, I can feel his body against mine. Absolutely an adultery! Damn it, do I really want him that much?!? Seriouslyy??!? Geez, I never tought I did. Haha!


I'm having a holiday all by myself next Sunday till Thursday to Yogya. Actually I have a friend there who kindly pleased to accompany me. But, still, I'm kinda worried that it's gonna be fun enough and relaxing enough for me.

My holiday's a disaster! I went here and there with no purpose. My friend was there, but not helping too much. It became so useless and tiring. Ohh, I hope it's not gonna happen though.

Wow, how smart Freud is. I can find his theory very correlated with all those stories above.

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