Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Compassion...

Okay, I know there’re no such things called coincidence. I do not believe in it. I also know that it’s not a coincidence that I’m being reminded of one of my positive side called Compassion for the 3rd time this month.

1. Romantic Room TMO. Me and Ray once talked about our teaching activity. I told him how much I care more about the children who’s psychologically in need, the children who have “uncompleted” life, the children whose needs are not fulfilled. I naturally give more attention to them. Of course not by giving them extra-excuses. I just tried to make them stronger, how hard their challenges are, so they can cope with their hard-life for a better future. Actually I’ve written about this few years ago on my Multply and Friendster Blog “Being A Teacher” (http://spidolungu.multiply.com/journal/item/6/Being_a_Teacher...)

2. My Facebook status this evening : “Christine 'Obi' Tobing have just had another inspiring conversation with the principal, a young but brilliant, unique, and sincere person he is. Always succeded filling my head with fresh ideas, possitive emotion, possitive attitude, and a bunch of motivation in a short time! What a precious moment! Thank you so much!!”

Yep, the conversation between me and him also brought that topic on the surface. One of the topic was about our needs in life, our desires in life, which is closely related to the choices we made for our life. He also pushed me to get a higher level in music, when doing music for my own happiness, to fulfill my desires, and to express the ideas and what I’m concern of. Not just to fulfill the market demands, being well-known, or just to earn money. Instead of waiting somebody or everybody to fulfill my needs, he inspired me to start giving. He thought my music skill is one of the best media I have to express that. He inspired me to create some music for something I’m concern of. On that time, the first thing I thought was about my concern to the humanity, the social pressures, the judgemental environment, etc.

3. The last reminder came from Facebook Quiz called “What is Your Best Trait?”. The result is below.

Christine took the "What is your Best Trait?" quiz and the result is Compassion.
You don't judge others' faults but rather have compassion on them and what they are going through. Your first instinct when you see someone in need is to comfort them and show them how much you care. You are gracious, and love flows out of you naturally. Even in situations where most people would back away, you are right there for people with your arms wide open. You feel empathy for those who suffer, and this might be because of your kind nature or maybe even because you can relate; whatever the reason, you help heal wounds and are a shoulder to cry on.

No more to say. It’s all well-written.
Psstt, I’ll tell you something. I think only a very few people know that the main urge of my participation in one of the top reality show in Indonesia was my concern about the humanity. I was intrigued by the judgmental environment on the stage and (furthermore) in our real life. I couldn’t resist my need to put forward my hypothesis on a test (that was me on the stage) and made it proven and accepted. People may say that’s useless, but I can’t deny what I’m concern of. (I'm gonna share this experience in a specific note later on.)

So, surely I’ll do something with this trait.

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