Sunday, June 06, 2010

metamorph (via @TobingChristine)

I used to be an ignorant to my physical appearance. I used to call myself "unique". I shouted that I didn't need those "beauty". #metamorph

People found that my beauty ignorant as something full of confidence, as I boldly defined myself differ than others. So did I. #metamorph
In fact, I was too affraid being compared to others. I tought I wasn't good enough. I didn't need anybody to prove me so! #metamorph

Many things happen and mold me. Now I enjoy looking good. I'm not affraid people would compare my beauty to others. #metamorph

Now I enjoy when people admiring my beauty. I enjoy those compliments. Hey, who wouldn't? We deserve that. #metamorph

Don't think that I need those make-ups as my only way to gain people's respect. Not really. I just enjoying myself here. #metamorph

Not snobbish. I'm just enjoying the new me. The more self-confident me. I learned that I'm just as good as anybody, nothing less. #metamorph

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