Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Thanks, Guys...." (inspired by Disney's "Toy Story 3")

Yep, that’s my most touchy line in the movie. Watched it twice, and it still got me crying into tears.

Seeing Andy said “Thanks, guys…” to Woody and all the toys he’d left behind really touched my heart. Two words that telling a lot about his feeling. Being grateful for all the memories, being grateful for all the laughs, thanking someone for being such a great friend, thanking them for all the good times and the bad times they’ve been through. Ahh, don’t you have your own “Woody”, guys?

I remembered so many people in my past life seeing those movie-ending scenes. Maybe you did, too. We’ve met so many people in our lives. We’ve done so many things with them. Some people are still here, some don’t. Some were there for a long times, some might be there for only a very short time. We might know them in a “regular” way or in the most “absurd” way that we could think of. However, they were there, being a part of our histories.

But whatever it is, it’s another time for me to be grateful. So many people have brought me precious times in my life. They bring laughter, they bring happiness, they bring acceptance, they bring ideas, they bring attentions, they bring helps, they bring supports, they bring comfort, so I can enjoy my life more and more, they also give me problems so I can learn something in the end, they also bring confrontation so I can open my mind wider than before, they also bring pain so I can be stronger. Without all of them, I won’t be who I am now.

So.....thanks, guys.

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