Monday, March 28, 2011

Perfect Escapade

Not gonna write something beautifully. Just try to keep something beautiful remains in memory by writing this blog. Last weekend had became one of my best weekend ever. Thanks to my psychobabes and psychodudes. Yeah, can you imagine 10 alumnus of psychology faculty gathered together? BEAUTIFUL MESS (love this term from Jason Mraz song! :D).

These are the beautiful mess : Me – Gabi – Camel – Debby – Andit – Galuh – Danar – Manu – Skee – Tito

There are reasons why I love that trip. Maybe it’s simply because the ‘different’ taste, different feelings for me. I didn’t spend too many times with my psycho friends, even when I was still in the uni, which I’ve been regretting so much for the last MANY years. But the word ‘different’ is definitely not enough. Here are the list of the things I love about the trip. Oh, forgive my attention to details. You might not think these details are important, but for me, they are. :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

JoC is Reading!

What to say? She's super cute! The diaper, the up-side-down book, the face, aaahh!
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