Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Dream Suits EVERYBODY

Differences. Small or big, it’s always been a problem. Some people live with a ‘big picture’ they have in their future. Some just live in the small ones. Which one’s better? What do you think?

Mostly people would say that the A-Type is better. Big dreams, highly-motivated, ambitious, aggressive, competitive, etc. are the criteria for being a ‘successful’ person. That’s what you (or they) say.

Hey, what’s a ‘success’ anyway? Is that a career? Money? Achievements? Positions? Great scores? What? Why less people talk about ‘happiness’? Enjoying life? Is the world so cruel that we always forced to fight back? You’re a failure by not fighting and struggling with life, no? I pity you for not chasing a dream, hardly! I pity you for not hating yourself by your weaknesses! Relaxing is a sin! You MUST NOT be satisfied easily! I hate him/her because he/she is not a great fighter! I don’t like people who still able to sleep tightly when they’re still have ‘homework’ to do, they’re lazy! You haven’t pushed yourself hard enough, you stupid! You shouldn’t do that, otherwise your life would be such a waste. You shouldn’t waste your time by doing something ‘stupid’!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

"Parenting Lisence"

I wish there Parenting-License.  (Mentally) unhealthy parents keep producing 'incomplete' children.  HATE THAT.

How do you define broken-home?  I don't think it's all about divorcement.  It's how people dealing with problems.

NO!  A broken-home is not caused by divorcement.  You don't need a 'paper' to broke it.  You just did it.

It really broke my heart seeing children with family problems.  Sometimes life is not as beautiful as fairy tales.  It's more like Sinetron (Indonesian telenovela :p).

Parents, when you stop loving each other, and hating each other, just.... be careful, okay?  Make sure ur children're not feeling hated.

Ketika salah sorg ortu 'berubah pikiran' dan lebih memilih wanita/lelaki lain, tolong jangan telantarkan anak. Be responsible!

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