Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Dream Suits EVERYBODY

Differences. Small or big, it’s always been a problem. Some people live with a ‘big picture’ they have in their future. Some just live in the small ones. Which one’s better? What do you think?

Mostly people would say that the A-Type is better. Big dreams, highly-motivated, ambitious, aggressive, competitive, etc. are the criteria for being a ‘successful’ person. That’s what you (or they) say.

Hey, what’s a ‘success’ anyway? Is that a career? Money? Achievements? Positions? Great scores? What? Why less people talk about ‘happiness’? Enjoying life? Is the world so cruel that we always forced to fight back? You’re a failure by not fighting and struggling with life, no? I pity you for not chasing a dream, hardly! I pity you for not hating yourself by your weaknesses! Relaxing is a sin! You MUST NOT be satisfied easily! I hate him/her because he/she is not a great fighter! I don’t like people who still able to sleep tightly when they’re still have ‘homework’ to do, they’re lazy! You haven’t pushed yourself hard enough, you stupid! You shouldn’t do that, otherwise your life would be such a waste. You shouldn’t waste your time by doing something ‘stupid’!

Hey, hey! WAIT A MINUTE! What’s with the words ‘pity’ and ‘hate’? I don’t think they should hate or even pity them. Why would you? Do you know exactly what they want in life? Do you know how they ‘picture’ their future? Are you sure about their interests? Are you sure they wouldn’t fight so hard because they don’t want it so much, because they have another dream that you don’t know? Do you realize that what’s important to you might not THAT important to them? Are you sure they wouldn’t fight hardly for THEIR dreams (which you might not know!)? How about the idea that it might be their choices not wanting such ‘negativity’ in their lives? Ever get an idea they might not ‘shout out’ their dissatisfaction instead of accusing them for being satisfied easily?

I’m sure some people CHOOSE to live a ‘happy’ life. They don’t put so much negativity in imperfectness. I won’t say not fighting it back, I just say not putting so much negativity. See the difference? They’re fighting back in a different way. Some people choose to be ‘regular and happy’ instead of being ‘super but not happy’. Some people don’t want to be such grumpy. Some people choose to be not whiny and hate themselves too much for being imperfect. There’re people who still want a career even though it might not providing them such amount of money (not choosing to be poor, ya!). Yes, there’re such people. It’s their choice, and they would hate you for pitying them or even not liking them. You know what? They would pity you instead, for having such negativities for a little thing called ‘difference’. :)

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