Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Girl with Persona

Let me tell you a story, a story about everyday people.  Hmm, this one is not an ‘everyday’ sihh.  There are some people that so ‘unique’ that we wouldn’t find it every day.  This is one of them….

Well, I know a girl, a girl with big lies.  Looked normal at the beginning.  Well, not so normal, after all.  Had seen her Facebook profiles before 1st met her.  In fact, she’s not as pretty as her pictures look like.  But I thought, “Hey, who doesn’t?  Everybody puts their best shots on profile sections!  We don’t always have our best look in real.”  So, I didn’t take it seriously……well, at least not until the next few hours….

His boyfriend (now is an ex-bf) was my boyfriend (also IS an ‘ex’)’s friend.  As we’re in a long-distance-relationship, my ex-bf sent me something through this friend, let’s just call him HT.  So, it was my first time meeting them both.  I’ve checked out their Facebook profiles before meeting them, just in case.  So, there we were, sitting together in a famous Manado restaurant. 

Both of them are a very friendly people.  We ate, we talked, we laughed, we took pictures (many of them…..seriously, SO MANY!).  So comfortable that we went to ‘lapo’ at Senayan after.  Errh, yes…..going straight to a Bataknesse restaurant from a Manado restaurant.  But hey, it’s not ended yet!  Then we went to Senayan City some Karaoke time, then sat in a coffee-shop for another chit-chat time. 

See, it sounds very fun, right?  It WAS.  They’re very funny and friendly.  Though I realized some ‘strange’ facts.  Maybe you could see these ‘symptoms’ in some people you know.  It could help to detect or even protect you from being a victim, lohh.  So, here’s the list.  (Wohoo, do you guys getting the sign of me love making a list, ehh?  Well, get used to it!  LOL!) 
-          I found out she wore a sexy cocktail dress, with a very low-cut on the chest.  But somehow she covered the (I didn’t see, but I’m sure there was) cleavage with her hair.  HT was the one who tried to convinced her to let her long hair off the chest.  But she didn’t do it.  It’s kinda misleading.  She had the guts to wear that kind of dress, but why not showing it off??  So, are you the high self-confidence woman or not? 
-          Photo-holic!  Seriously is!  She took soooo many pictures!  While HT loves photography.  So, he kept taking picture of her (and me) with his big camera.  I first called it as a-thing-in-common, but lately it turned out as an-omg-you’re-too-much tiring acts!  I didn’t join her again after (too) many pictures taken. 
I once asked her (in my own way) about how many pictures she could take to find one of few good shots?  Then she answered (proudly), “I could take 90 pictures!  Never give up!”  “OMG….,” me gasping silently.    
-          She loves editing pictures!  Yeah, I could see that all her pictures on Facebook are the ‘processed’ ones, nothing raw, or (in my ‘nyinyir’ word) nothing is bare and true.  H was very proud of her editing skill that she even suggested us to switch knowledge, me teaching her music, and she teaching me editing pictures.  I said, “Why should a learn that skill?  I don’t need editing any photos (especially just for narcissistic reason).  I don’t feel the need to edit them.” 
-          She ‘curhat’ about choosing the right man.  She told me that HT was not the only one.  She told me about the other guy who’s not so good-looking but wealthy.  Hey, girl, what’s your point telling me these?  I’m better called HT’s friend than your friend, hey-ho!  Ahhh, I got it.  You saw me having many friends and ‘gaul’ so you feel the need to be close to me.  How?  By having ‘our secret’ session with me?  Why would you do that, girl?!  I DO wanna be your friend without you telling me this!  I pity you since then. 

Later on.  I found another interesting facts.  Ahh, ya…..I used to check her Facebook page regularly.  I always do that when meeting an ‘interesting’ person. :)
-          She only have few albums in it, but with 60-70-80-90-or even more pictures inside.  They’re named “Me 2009”, “LG (her initial)”, “Me”, I forgot what they’re named of, but I remember with lots of ‘ME’.  :p  Many (once again…..many) of them in a very sexy pose, sexy dress.  Beautiful.  Well, I don’t amazed that much after seeing the real one and knowing how many pictures she could possibly has taken to get each one of them.  Oh, and how she has the ‘heart’ to re-shape body with the courtesy of Photoshop Images. 
-          She has the most-wanted personality.  Sexy pictures, but humble.  Sweet talks everywhere, giving hopes to everyone.  Well, she tried hard to be wanted by (mostly) guys.  I didn’t get it.  Her being modest is just not fit all those pictures with cleavage being showed off everywhere in the albums.  WHO ARE YOU, GIRL?? 
-          She’s the type who deletes comments and deleting people for the sake of ‘image’ a.k.a ‘PENCITRAAN’.  I’ve seen some negative comments (from people in reality, I can say), and soon it’s gone.  Ahh, don’t ask.  I’ve once (or twice) lost my comment and also lost my friendship on FB.  You’ll know why after finish reading this story. 
-          She promises a lot without any intention to fulfill them.  For what, girl?  Trying to make everyone happy by saying sweet things?  Ohh, come onn….
-          HT contacted me after few months and told me about LG.  They broke up, in a not-so-good condition.  She even owes him money.  H told me the lies he found out about LG.  About economic condition, about her family, about her being ‘the victim’ of some hard times.  No, I don’t have the right to tell you, guys, more stuff.  It’s their personal stuff.  I just can say, he agree of everything I said, and he didn’t surprise me at all.  Can’t remember how the “See!  I knew it!” type of reactions came into my mind at that few hours of talk. 

Later LG deleted HT from her FB friend.  But H found some people (who’s also been deleted as a friend) and trying to get his rights back.  But I’m still her friend on FB.  No more meeting up, just some sweet talk on the wall.  Of course her sweet talk combined with my ‘nyinyir’ comment.  I’m the most hated then.  This was the time when some of my comments were deleted.  Yess, she DOES need those ‘pencitraan’ to be loved by those men who’s all around her FB page, especially when she tried to hook one of them.  Soon I found out which one. 

Tell me I’m bad.  But I do found people like her are very interesting to ‘watch’.  I tried my best to be friend with her ‘target’.  Let’s call him TPP.  I found him a very interesting man.  Smart and seemed able to ‘see’ things unseen by human eyes.  I was sooo sure that he would soon found out who LG is.  For me, it’s so easy to see ‘something wrong with her’ simply by browsing her FB’s Profile Page.  I can see TPP is quite different than others.  I would be so happy if there’s ONE guy who’s smart enough to see it. 

I was wrong.  Not so long after, I saw her changing her status to ‘In a Relationship to TPP’.  Okay, I was broken-hearted. 

Broken-hearted that I heart that kind of man.  Find out that he’s easily deceived by a girl with ‘good image’ is just so sad.  So angry that I cursed men for all their weaknesses in sight.  They fall for physical appearances too easy.  It’s so OBVIOUS and you men still fall easily?  How stupid!  Ahh, I’m sorry TPP.  I know you’re reading this.  I don’t think ‘khilaf’ is enough for an excuse.  What’s khilaf in English, anyway?  Blunder?  See the dictionary.  Blunder refers to “making a mistake through stupidity, ignorance, or carelessness to make a mistake through stupidity, ignorance, or carelessness”.  So, I wasn’t so wrong relating it to the word ‘stupid’, eh? :D 

Few months after, they broke up.  TPP also told me everything, just like HT did.  Anyway, I didn’t tell him about her and HT before they broke up, ya!  It’s purely caused by things they had.  I also didn’t push them to tell me stories.  I just destined to know those things about the ‘unique’ LG. :)
After hours of chatting, me and TPP both pity her.  She also told him many lies that he even found out without meeting her.  As the HT stories, I also don’t have the right to tell his story to become my story.  You just need to know that I have the right to say “See?  I knew it!”  *snob* :)) 

Pity her.  She lies for something not important.  She lies to get ‘something’ in her perspective, which might be not so important for some people.  She tries to be accepted by everybody.  Ahh, I forget to tell you something important (please understand, it’s an old story hehe).  She used to be an obese, I forget, more than a hundred kilos?  Ahh, I’m not so sure.  Well, she worked so hard for the current shape.  But my guess, that’s where all started! 

I’ll write something about being an obese later.  But this time, I could tell you, being an obese girl is hard, while people often categorized women into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ simply by physical appearances.  I understand how she hungers for acceptance from people.  She might’ve received too many rejections in her previous life.  She strives for being loved.  She couldn’t stop showing her ‘goodness’ to people.  She enjoys being loved, and so afraid of the opposite.  She edits, she deletes, she talk sweetly, she tell lies, simply for being accepted.  Ohh, poor girl.  Many people would love you without you telling lies. 

When people finds out, she covers with more lies, a bigger one, and so on. Seriously, she could tell such lies as “I’m going to Singapore.  Can we met?”  and continued with excuses for not meeting, and later on it’s found out that she’s not even going.  Why on earth someone would do that, for no reason?  Ahh, so there she was, telling lies, lies, and more lies……UNCONSCIOUSLY.  While people doing those things unconsciously, I’d call it ‘people with symptoms’. 

I met her in one of my friend’s status (of course it’s a He :p).  She acts like everything’s okay, that me and her is okay.  She’s smart enough to remember that she deleted me from her friend list.  She’s afraid I’m gonna say something bad about her, after hearing the complete version of her 2 latest victims.  To complete her beautiful image, she tagged my friend to our picture together few years ago.  Maybe she feels the need to recover her bad image after my (again) ‘nyinyir’ comment to her.  “I’m a friendly girl, and be friends with many people.  Me and Obi are friends.  See this picture, we’re okay, right?  This is me, this is Obi, we smiled together.  She said those ‘nyinyir’ comment for no reason.  I have many friends.  I’m sweet.  I’m loved….”  Oh, girl.  Too many things happen inside your head.  You do have symptoms. 

Dear, ladies.  There might be no one telling you that YOU ARE ENOUGH.  But, believe me, you ARE enough when you think you ARE.  Stop making such a beautiful persona.  Stop wearing those masks and creating lies.  Just show the real you.  It’s no use creating a beautiful image for people to see while you’re not looking at yourself the same way.  You’d become delusional.  Please, stop.  Stop.  Stop….

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