Friday, November 25, 2011

Kartu Kredit, Ohhh.......Kartu Kredit

Walaupun sudah ada rencana pembatasan jumlah kartu kredit yang dimiliki oleh seorang nasabah, sepertinya hal ini belum banyak berpengaruh dalam proses kepemilikan kartu kredit sekarang-sekarang ini.  Semua provider kartu kredit masih berlomba-lomba menawarkan pembuatan kartu kredit baru dengan segala kemudahan dan ‘kemasan’ yang menarik.  Berbagai macam bonus untuk setiap pengajuan permohonan kartu kredit diberikan.  Mulai dari hadiah-hadiah langsung semacam boneka dan sejenisnya di mall-mall hingga voucher medical check-up di labolatorium ternama semacam Prodia. 

Ehh, tapi harap dicatat, kemudahan ini biasanya hanya berlaku bagi nasabah yang telah memiliki kartu kredit dari bank lain.  Proses memang akan jauh lebih mudah.  Beda nasib-nya dengan orang-orang seperti saya, yang tidak berkartu kredit dan tidak memiliki satu slip gaji utama untuk membuktikan bahwa saya punya penghasilan.  Maaf, curcol dikit.  Soalnya masih kesel dianggap ‘tidak mampu berhutang’.  Kalau bukan butuh untuk jaminan, saya juga tidak butuh pakai-pakai kartu untuk ‘berhutang’ yah.  Catet!  *pakenadaketus*

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Bucket List

I started making wishes by putting a "Dreams" folder in my computer, and put pictures of the things I want to have, experience, feel, and achieve. I was introduced to the term Bucket List by the "Bucket List" movie by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Moreover, suddenly I experience so many great losses in 2011. It's getting clearer and clearer that life's too short to waste. I'm sure everyone has their personal desires that might get nothing to do with money or people's expectations. So I decided to make a brief list of the things that would make my life more colorful, and significantly increase my level of happiness. That's what life's all about, right?

So, here's My Bucket List, the things I'd like to do before I kick the bucket. It's divided into 5 groups : "Travelling and Events", "Adventures", "Achievements of Fun", "Dreams to Achieve", and "Personal Goals". Interested to make your own?

*) Total List : 154
Completed : 90
Not (yet) Completed : 64

Travelling and Events
  1. Visit all the 5 big islands of Indonesia (Sumatera 1994 & 2004, Java - lifetime, Kalimantan 2009, Sulawesi 2011, Irian Jaya 2004)
  2. Visit all the 5 continents (3/5, Australia hopefully 2012, Africa hopefully someday)
  3. Travel to 10 countries (USA, Singapore, Macao, France, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, )
  4. Travel to 20 countries (18/20 : Thailand, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Turkey)
  5. Travel to 30 countries
  6. Visit at least 3 beautiful castles in Scotland
  7. Travel to Capetown, Afrika
  8. Travel to Santorini and Athens, Greece
  9. Trave around Ireland
  10. Travel around New Zealand (tickets ready for July 2012)
  11. Travel around Prague
  12. Travel around Budapest
  13. Travel around Japan (April 2007)
  14. Visit India
  15. Visit Turkey (Istanbul - May 2012)
  16. Travel to Moluccas Archipelago
  17. Travel to Nusa Tenggara Barat (Bali-Lombok) Archipelago
  18. Travel to Nusa Tenggara Timur Archipelago (Kupang 2004)
  19. Travel to Madura Island
  20. See dolphins at Teluk Kiluan, Lampung
  21. Visit Raja Ampat, Irian
  22. Visit Status of Liberty (Jul 1991 & May 2012)
  23. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy (Sept 2010)
  24. Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Nov 2006)
  25. Visit the Colosseum in Rome (only passing through in 2010)
  26. Visit Berlin Wall (Sept 2010)
  27. Visit Machu Picchu in Peru
  28. See a Pyramid
  29. Feel the Dessert (AZ, USA - May 2012)
  30. Sunrise at Borobudur
  31. Sunset at Grand Canyon (May 2012)
  32. Sunset at Venice (Sept 2010)
  33. Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai (Nov 2011)
  34. Picnic on Central Park, New York
  35. Join the October Fest in Munich
  36. Visit Niagara Falls (Jul 1991 & May 2012)
  37. Enjoying the Canada view of the Niagara Falls (Maid of the Mist Tour - May 2012)
  38. Travel across countries (Germany - Switzerland Sept 2010)
  39. Travel across continents (Europe - Asia in Istanbul - May 2012)
  40. Go to Disneyland (Florida - Jul 1991)
  41. Go to Six Flag Magic Mountains USA (LA - May 2012)

  1. Skinny dipping
  2. Milk a cow
  3. Fly a kite
  4. Meet a real cowboy in West, West, West....
  5. Ride an elephant (Thailand - Nov 2011)
  6. Eat insects (belalang in Bangkok - Nov 2011)
  7. Eat at least 10 kinds of animal meat, exclude water animals (7/10 : chicken, pig, beef, duck, doves, turtle, bat,.....)
  8. Touch the snow (Titlis, Switzerland - Sept 2010)
  9. Snorkel on a deep sea (Bunaken - Mar 2011, Pulau Pari - Jul 2011)
  10. Skydive
  11. Bungee jumping
  12. Fly in a hot air baloon
  13. Kiss on a gondola in Venice :")
  14. Get (a) Tattoo
  15. Get a bikini wax (2013)
  16. Enjoy the Thai Massage (Chiang Mai - Nov 2011)
  17. Have a meditation course (2015)
  18. Ride a horse (Parangtritis, Jul 2008)
  19. Watch "Lion King Musical" live
  20. Watch musicals on Broadway (New York City - May 2012)
  21. See the real Panda
  22. Enjoying full moon at a beach (Carita 2005)
  23. Get hair dyed with bright color (bright purple in 2000)
  24. Curly hair (twice already)
  25. Go on a cruise
  26. Learning the SBY song (have performed two of them X))
  27. Whitewater rafting
  28. Bamboo rafting (Mae Ping River, Thailand - Nov 2011)
  29. Canoe rafting (Virgin Beach - Jul 2011)
  30. Paddle my own canoe (Situpatengan Lake - 1993)
  31. Join a Hindu ceremony (Batu Cave, Malaysia - May 2012) : "Namaste
  32. Join a Buddhist ceremony (Chiang Mai, Thailand - Nov 2011)
  33. Join an Islam ceremony
  34. Join a tribe dance in a ceremony
  35. Watch an Opera in a famous Opera House (Vienna State Opera House - Sept 2009)
  36. Go on a Night Safari (Singapore - 1994)

Achievements for Fun
  1. Having an iPad 
  2. New iPod or mp3 Player (last one was 2009 and totally broken) - have an iPhone instead
  3. Get a digital voice recorder (2009)
  4. New digital camera (2010)
  5. Handycam 
  6. Got 10,000 readers on Blog (currenctly 4,282 (1); 7,759 (2))
  7. Got 20,000 readers on Blog (currently 12,119 (1), 61,742 (2))
  8. Got 1,000 followers on Twitter, well, it is still exists (currently 770 followers)
  9. Got 2,000 followers on Twitter (currently 1,249)
  10. Got 3,000 followers on Twitter (currently 2,024)
  11. Driving a car across cities in Indonesia
  12. Driving a car abroad (Nevada - Arizona US Roadtrip - May 2012)
  13. Master the Adobe Photoshop O_o
  14. Learn to cook at least 5 dishes
  15. Able to have a conversation in Batak Language
  16. Learn Belly Dance (2009)
  17. Learn Salsa (2009)
  18. Learn Indian Khatak Dance (2008)
  19. Learn Line Dance (2011)
  20. Joina belly dance performance
  21. Join an Indian dance performance

Dreams to Achieve
  1. Writing published in a book
  2. Publish a book
  3. Have my own Nursing House
  4. Volunteer in a nursing house
  5. Have my own Music School
  6. Teach children with special needs
  7. Be on a TV show
  8. Sing on TV as backing vocal
  9. Sing on TV as main vocal
  10. Broadcast on TV for humanity
  11. Involved in a TV show for humanity
  12. Compose a song
  13. Publish a self-composed song
  14. Cast in an Opera performance (Magic Flute 2008)
  15. Be the main cast of an Opera performance
  16. Watching my vocal student singing in a concert
  17. Watching my piano student playing piano in a concert
  18. Sing solo with Orchestra (with Tubingen Kammerochester - Sept 2009, with Listra Orch - Oct 2011)
  19. Solo Concert (14 and 26 May 2011 with Adi "Didut" Nugroho)
  20. Solo Concert in a BIG hall
  21. Teach a choir and have a concert in town
  22. Teach a choir and join a competition in town
  23. Teach a choir and win a competition
  24. Teach a choir and have a concert abroad
  25. Teach a choir and join a competition abroad
  26. Teach a choir and win and international competition

Personal Goals
  1. Fall in love
  2. Fall in love (again)
  3. Do a blind date
  4. Sing and play piano in front of audiences, dedicated to the loved one
  5. Record (a) song for the loved one
  6. Travel with my family again (last time was a loong time ago)
  7. Take my parents for a vacation abroad
  8. Saying "I love you" to Mama
  9. Saying "I love you" to Papa
  10. Saying "I love you" to Windo (RIP)
  11. Travel with the loved one
  12. Get married
  13. Have an outdoor wedding
  14. Have a small and happy family
  15. Touch a soul with my voice
  16. Have a deep conversation with a stranger
  17. Get laid with a stranger
  18. Having two men fighting over me
  19. Kiss a gay on lips
  20. Kiss other woman on lips
  21. Breastfeeding (a baby)
  22. Throw a surprise party
  23. Back to 70 kilos
  24. Be a head-turner
  25. Get a set of underwear
  26. Have my dream home
  27. Have a Credit Card
  28. Have my health insurance
  29. Invest in Gold
  30. Invest in Property
  31. Invest in Reksadana
  32. Able to wear my own fake eyelashes
  33. Bring my kid(s) to Disneyland

+ Written in : 16 Nov 2011
+ Update 1 : 17 Feb 2011 (add 4 points, more 6 completed)
+ Update 2 : 01 Jul 2012 (add 12 points, more 13 completed)
+ Update 3 : 9 Jan 2017 (add 0, more 9 completed)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Meraih Kebahagiaan

Kalimat seperti “Gila, hidup lo enak banget sih….” menjadi sangat biasa di kuping, bahkan di mulut kita, ketika seseorang menemukan sebuah kenikmatan hidup pada hidup orang lain, tidak pada dirinya.  Tadi malam aku baru saja menyelesaikan sebuah perjalanan yang sangat luar biasa.  Sebuah pengalaman yang luar biasa.  Sebuah langkah meraih sebuah keinginan yang terpendam. 

Belum sepenuhnya ‘membagi’ pengalaman, karena belum banyak share foto maupun tulisan di social network, ternyata sudah cukup banyak mengundang komentar dari banyak teman, baik rasa kagum maupun iri.  Komentar-komentar sederhana dan terlalu ‘biasa’, yang beberapa di antaranya tanpa sadar menjadikan seakan-akan kebahagiaan merupakan sebuah ‘hadiah’ dan ‘keberuntungan’.  Apakah benar demikian? 

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