Friday, December 09, 2011

Take a Step Closer (to Sadness)

What would you do when sadness came around? 
Would you run away so she would not ruin your day?
Would you fight her back to make you the master of your own life? 
Or would you embrace the sadness and spend some times with it? 

You could go anywhere in this wide world, you could do anything to please the broken heart. 
Do travelling, be an instant workaholic, smoke cigars, get drunk, whatever! 
But remember, when the runaway ends, she would come back, running after you. 
Yes, you can run, but in facts, you can’t do it forever. 
You cannot forever hide the wounded heart, for it would still hurt you somehow. 

Are you a steady man who always in a good control to keep both of your feet on the ground?
I can understand how you hate sadness for trying to overmaster your emotions. 
It’s true that we ourselves who’s in charge and be responsible for our own feelings. 
But don’t you feel tired of those fights against sadness? 
Don’t you think you waste your energy for those battles against your own emotions? 
The harder you fight, the more tired you will be. 

Been there, done those? 
Well, maybe it’s time to take some steps closer to the sadness and communicate. 
Take some time to know her better. 
Running away or trying hard to abandon her for the whole time would be so tiring. 
Loose so much energy for running and repressing instead of making her go.    
Sometimes it’s better to understand why she’s there for. 
Sometimes it’s better to let her into you for a moment and taking control. 
Sometimes it’s better to accept her and consciously be friends….somehow. 

Take some time.
Feel her inside you.
Find your comfort space to express those feelings. 
Find your shoulder to cry on.
it’s okay to be sad,
it’s okay to be angry,
it’s okay to be,
it’s okay to be weak.

Shout ‘till your throat sore.
Cry like a baby…. ‘till your last tears.
Lose your breath.
Lose the sanity.

everybody hurts sometimes.

Note:  dedicated to those we’ve been so strong for too long


  1. Anonymous9:10 PM

    I've been there done that. But somehow, it makes you stronger.

  2. Indeed. I guess I AM now. :)
    Thx for stopping by, Anonymous. :)


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