Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011 Highlights

2011 has passed. 
Time to open a new chapter in life.
Let the old memories kept in mind and heart.
These are some of them....

An old friend's wedding. Meeting old friends was so much fun!

Batavia Madrigal Singers (BMS) Concert in Malang "Sanguinis Choraliensis"  and "All Things Bright and Beautiful"  in Surabaya.    Met old friends on those 2 cities!  Lovely!

Lalu  menutup  perjalanan  dengan berkunjung beberapa malam di  daerah Batu, Malang.  Bermodalkan 1 tas ransel kecil, menikmati cuaca sejuk di daerah sana.  Foto di samping diambil di dekat Air Terjun Pengantin (!), hahaa!  I have no idea that THE Air Terjun Pengantin as in the sinetron really exists. :Haaa!

An impulsive getaway with old friends from Psychology Faculty of Atmajaya to Bandung.  The road trip was so much fun!  You can read the complete story here.

An old friend from Pesparawi National came to visit Jakarta.  He's been away for some times, working at another island.  Reunion happened!  More eating, more karaoke, more laughs. Wohoo!
This also one of the busiest time of preparation of my first vocal Recital, Personal Notes.  Going to Bandung several times, and having so many rehearsals.  What a process!   

This is it!  One of the most important times in my music career.  Finally it's show time for Personal Notes Vocal Recital, both in Bandung and Jakarta.  Various emotions collide.  Once felt extremely exhausted and hopeless between the Bandung and Jakarta's performances.  But finally it's ended happily.  Not perfect, I realize, but learned much.  Thus, I'm grateful.  

This is happened to be THE HARDEST days in my life.  I suddenly lost my only brother.  He passed away in a Sunday morning after feeling hurt for a very short time on his bed.  My life's forever changed.  Life goes on, but it's still hurt me many times.  You can see the shade of sadness in some of my blog posts, such as Menyimpan HatiSilent TearsYou Should Had NOT Envy Me, and even when I tried to be happy in Meraih Kebahagiaan.  

Spending a night in Pari Island, one of the island in Kepulauan Seribu with my besties.  Started with an old boat, then moved onto another boat in the middle of the sea, lunch, biking (the only transportation on the island), snorkeling, more biking, watching sunset on a leaky canoe, barbeque, and other good times.  It's refreshing to see the other 'side' of Jakarta.

Officially I'm a school teacher no more. Spending more time at home in the afternoon.  Muuchh mooore family time. Love it! :)

Competition time!  It's very hard to keep the regular teaching and preparing 2 choirs for the competition, the female choir of GKI Cipinang Indah and the mixed choir of HKBP Sudirman.  Felt great to see the choir's achievements, especially the HKBP, for they improved much.

Another big concert for me, performing Haydn's Oratorio "Die Jahreszeiten" aka "Four Seasons" in Surabaya.  It's held by Gita Smala Youth Choir.  Quite a big concert.  For about 60 choir members, 40 pieces orchestra, with me, Harri, and Adri as the soloists, performing in a 1000 capacity concert hall.  
Many behind the scene stories, especially about Adri and his sickness.  But, no matter how sick he was, never wondered it's gonna be our last meeting.  Few weeks later, Adri passed away.  Me and some friends went to Kudus for his funeral.  
Forced to think more about life and death, that I wrote "Kereta Kehidupan".  
BMS members lost him so much that we wrote these testimonials and gave them to the mourning family.  


One of the best laid back trip in my live!  Inspired by one of the scene of Disney's Movie "Tangled" (Rapunzel), me and some of my friends found our way to see them with our own eyes.  We went to Chiang Mai for the Loy Krathong Festival at the twelfth full moon of the year.  
Besides the festival, we also got a chance to enjoy riding elephants, snake show, and.....the Longneck Tribe (only saw then on Geographic Channel before!).  So much fun!  

Here's a blog post related to those beauty.
Here's the movie scene in Tangled that inspired us.
This is us flying our lantern as a trial.
And this is the overall scene of the Yeepeng Lanna.  The most beautiful video I found of the event.


It's one of the hardest time for me and my family to pass. We have my brother and wife 4th anniversary, we have Christmas, we have my niece (my bro's daughter) 2nd birthday.  

Luckily I have friends to spend a wonderful Christmas day with.  So grateful that they gave me reasons to smile on that hard day.  

But our family succeeded somehow.  We ended 2011 with a deep conversation, how we're amazed that we've gone through the very hard 6 months, no whining, and no stopping our lives at any point, even though we do get weaker sometimes.  I'm so proud of them.  

Time to close the chapter and start a new one.  
Welcome, 2012.....

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