Friday, January 13, 2012

The Billionaire : A Life To Be Jealous Of?

Few days ago, me and my friends had just watched the movie titled "The Billionaire".  It's a true story about a young man who became a billionaire while we might still struggling to finish our school at his age.  It's a story of Top Ittipat, the owner of the well-known seaweed snack called "Tao Kae Noi".

At the age 16, he was a game online freak.
At the age 17, he dropped out of school to be a chestnut seller.
At the age 18, his family went bankrupt in a big amount of debt.
At the age 19, he created the "Tae Kao Noi and sold it in 3,000 branches of 7-eleven in Thailand.  
Now he is 26, and earns 800 million Baht / year and employs 2,000 staffs.

Can't stop thinking about the movie, about HIS LIFE to be precise.  When you see the movie, you'd see how amazing his extraordinary life.  He's naturally born with the business instinct, I can say.  He had a dream and never stop fighting for it.  ....and it's the willing to take the risk that amazed me most.  W-O-W.  

When I wrote "Don't you suddenly consider your life 'boring' and not challenging after watching the movie "The Billionaire?" at Twitter and Facebook, then some people answered "Yes" with disappointment and a bit of jealousy in it.  

Sometimes I do feel envy with people with 'bad' life history.  Some people call them 'bad experiences', but some people in the future might call them 'precious moments'.  Interesting life stories, many things have been seen, many things have been learnt, many things that not all people have been through.  Interesting!  

But how interesting it might be, I still can't feel so much jealousy of the Billionaire's life.  More interesting, yes.  but I don't want his life.  I don't think it's fun to live with so much pressure to be success and earn profit.  Can't you see how unhappy he was, with those high-risk activities he's always been doing?  He's surely rich now, but can you tell that it's enough at this moment?  How about him having a BIGGER dream (in business)?  For the closest people, what do you feel being with someone who never give up fighting for his/her dreams?  They would do anything to get what  they've wanted, even by risking the precious ones.  

Iri secukupnya saja deh, yaa.... :-) 

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