Wednesday, May 09, 2012

#Bulgamerica Day 1 : Now It's Time!

Finally the day has arrived. Can't believe it's finally here. After practising and doing preparations for months, now it's nearly the time for us to evaluate everything. No turning back!

Starting a journey with mixed feeling.

Ambitious - I've been joining Batavia Madrigal Singers since October 2005, and joining (almost) all the competition abroad. It's my 4th competition with BMS eversince, after Tolosa (2006), Slovenia (2009), and Arezzo (2010).
All of them are included in the European Grand Prix of Singing. It's the most prestigious choir competition in the world. It's never been easy, but it's worth all the time, energy, and money spent for having such an extraordinary experience. Plus, being in all the process help us to improve our choral singing ability.
It's been a very busy months lately (especially the last one). We've been rehearsing and doing every-sunday concert. After all the sacrifices, we have to do our best for the competition then. Never feel this ambitious for winning the competition. Both in Slovenia and Arezzo we're the 2nd Champion. They were happy moments, but it's not enough. Wish to be the Grand Champion in Varna, so we can join the Grand Prix next year.

Excited - It's always fun to see new places. Being with BMS is givibg me chances to see unexpected places. Just take us there, then we'll explore. Moreover, it's allowed for us to extend our stay at the last destination, or even continue travelling to other places after the tour has finished. All we need to do is reschedule or reroute the flight, and make sure we have the fund to to the traveling, since the extention is not included in the group expenses.
Btw, the choir members have been calling me "Miss Extend" because of my habbit to extend in every tour the choir make. This time, going to Varna (Bulgaria) is interesting itself. The more interesting thing is our chance to do some concert in Washington DC and New York City. I've been there long time ago, but still goinf there again would be so much fun!
This year extend itinerary of mibe is also Super! After finish the concert, me and some my NY friends will have a road-trip to Niagara. Then me and two of my BMS friends will fly to Las Vegas, then doing a road-trip to THE Grand Canyon National Park, driving South to Sedona, then going to LA to do more exploring and fly back to Jakarta.
Hope everything runs well. *crossingfingers*

Home Sick - Yeah, funny. I got homesick even before the tour began. Since the loss of my only brother, we're getting closer to each others. It's not getting easier here. It's worse. Thanks to certain people who have taken away our smile once more.
Being there with them, at least I still can them smiling. It's such a comfort to know they're happy. Being far away makes me worry so much.
Well, I guess I'm mostly responsible for my own happiness for this moment.

For the journey has just been started, I will have to pray that everything goes well.

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