Thursday, May 10, 2012

#Bulgamerica Day 2 : Finally Arrived!

Good morning, World!
05:30 (Turkey Time)
Starting the day by watching sunrise from the window plane. Ohh, with a tired ass as a bonus. >,<
Nothing more to tell. Still trying to make ourselves comfortable in this 11-hours flight to Istanbul.

19:30 (Bulgaria Time)
Finally arrived in Bulgaria after a long bus ride from Turkey to Bulgaria. It was the longest on we've ever taken, might be around 11 hours including the stops? It took us almost 24 hours in total from Jakarta to Varna, Bulgaria.

It's interesting to see the Turkey-Bulgaria border. It's very quiet, dark, and old. It's noon, but I still felt like in the "Silent Hill" in live. Too bad it's not allowed to take pictures in the police office building. I only took one picture of an empty old red house that welcomed us with a cold 'hello' right after we stepped off the bus.

It's not a cool-ride afterall. No beautiful scenery along the way. Only some groups of old buildings, then another old houses, then a few people. Amazing. I have no idea what kind of country Bulgaria is. Only found the real 'city' when we passed through Varna. Yess, only passing through. The bus kept going to 30 minutes from Varna, where our hotel's located. It's called Shipka Hotel.

Thanked God there are little shops around the quiet area of the Hotel. Supermarket, Souvenir Shop, Resraurants, Bars (mostly closed) they're enough to save our days. :) But still, it's very quiet. Only one or two cars and few people passing through in every 15 minutes.

Now it's time to rest. Not thinking alot about having fun until the competition day. Tommorow is the opening. Very short time left! Ganbate!
An Old House at Turkey - Bulgaria Border

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