Thursday, May 10, 2012

#Bulgamerika Day 3 : Adrenaline Rush

#Bulgamerika Day 3 : Adrenaline Rush

The competition day is getting closer. Today was the grand opening. The comitee asked us to perform in the opening, with the US Choir. BMS performed our trasitional song, "Mande-Mande" and "Janger". We can't call it our best performance, since we haven't rehearsed the song appropriately. Some of us still sang it wrong, such as a voice from Tenor section that sang "Kopyak sede..." with "Kopyak se....pong". Oh, so glad we were not sing it in Indonesia.

The US choir sang a good song. They were great. It seemed that they produced a perfect intonation effortless. That's scary, you know. While we're dying to reach that. Watching them with their masterpiece repertoire makes us more and more excited for the competition day, on our trembling knee..

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