Friday, September 21, 2012

"The Game of Life" : It's More than Just a(n iPad) Game

I feel both happy and sad when playing "The Game of Life" game application on my iPad. I will tell you why...

THE GAME OF LIFE is published by Electronic Arts Inc. under license from Hasbro, Inc. The how-to play THE GAME OF LIFE is quite similar to the Monopoly game. When the traditional monopoly is using a dice to decide how many step you have to go, THE GAME OF LIFE is using a virtual spinning wheel.

There are some precious things we have to gain along the way, such as Money, Assets / Investment, and Life Tiles.

You can earn money by salaries, collect fines, gifts, or even by stealing from others. We can lose them by paying taxes, college fees, paying rent, children's school fees, funding, sending gifts, etc. On the other side, you can own the Life Tiles by going through big life events, such as graduated from college, get engaged, get married, having babies, be grandparents, or even being a volunteer in social activities, visiting Grand Canyon, hiking the Alps, etc.

Everything you have gained during the play will be calculated on your retirement day. Guess what, in the end, the winner of THE GAME OF LIFE is the one who has the most WEALTH of all. Even those 'priceless' life events showed in Life Tiles are valued by certain amount of money.

Sadly, that's the way it is. Man are valued by the amount of money (or wealth). The more they have, the more likely they are considered as the "winner" of this game of life.

On the second thought, I don't think I like this "game" with its ridiculous rule. I prefer my own definition of winning. How about you?

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