Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday Getaway with Strangers : A Moment of Thanksgiving

A not-so-juicy strong obnoxious fishy smelled morning air might be not the best way to open our day. Like a child having difficulties sliding those pills into their throat, I also felt it a hard work inhaling that certain kind of morning breeze into my lungs. The excitement of meeting the beaches and meeting my seemed-like-fun new friends were the ones that kept my feet still going on with the same rhythm. Yeah, all these brownish puddle should not puddle my birthday getaway in any way.

The gas station near the Muara Angke port was the bystander of the meetings of some strangers who decided to have some good time together. We were planning to meet there at 6 am. There were 7 of us. There was me, old friend Bd and Novi, and some new friends from the Couchsurfing community : Maria, Hanna, Mas Gus, and Sven. I couldn't choose people at all, since those days were in the middle of the week and it seemed that everybody's working. Couldn't change the date as well, since my birthday was in the midweek, and was intended to be on a (pretty) remote area when the moment was setting in. Was planning to go alone, but it would be too expensive. I need some people to share the costs. So, feeling to the need to get more friends, I shared the event in the Couchsurfing. Here they are....with no slightest idea of their backgrounds.
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