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2012 Highlights

2013.  Time flies, eh?  How was your 2012?  Mine was interesting.  Many good (and bad) things came up.  Here some big events I chose as a remembrance of the past.  Will upload the pictures later after my computer's fixed.  :-)

Officially started the year by sending our wishes through some flying lanterns I brought from the Loy Krathong festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand on the previous November.  Went to Taman Menteng with some my most loved people : my family and some of my best friends.  Wishing that the whole year of 2012 would be a wonderful year full of blessings.  Amen. 

One week full of learning.  Had another gig with the Cantilena Singers.  This time only one concert in Surabaya with a 5 full-days camp.  There were 8 of us, from 5 different cities : Me (Sopran1/Jakarta), Ira (Sopran2/Malang), Bagus (Alto1/Surabaya), Kitty (Alto2/Bandung), Novan (Tenor1/Medan), Dhidoet (Tenor2/Bandung), Annas (Bass1/Malang), Yosa (Bass2/Surabaya).  I had a wonderful time with all the others. 
It's been more interesting compared to our previous ones.  This time, each of us are responsible to lead around 2-3 songs.  Alternately we have to lead the warm-ups, the rehearsals, make the music, do corrections to the details, interpretations, and other technical problems.  Many discussions and even debates emerged afterward.  What made it more interesting was the drama popped out in the most unexpected times.  I did one, too....a good one in fact.  Two days before the concert I suddenly cried in the middle of the rehearsal.  I cried because I hate myself too much.  I hate how my ears didn't work with me to make a good tone and harmonized the others.  I hate how I couldn't get the right Hertz to sing in a right intonation.  What a drama, eh?  
Btw, we had this video of us rehearsing the "Battle of Jericho" Swingle Singers version.  I like this song of so much that I quite insisted we sang it in the concert.  As you can hear, it's not easy at all.  Oh, well...

One of the highlight of my life : the 2nd hardest moment I've ever had in my life (but it's more painful than the 1st one though).  This is the climax of hatred.  I usually have positive thoughts about bad people.  I always try to understand why and what's the history and the urge of being bad.  There is only one person in this world that I would (finally) use the word HATE.  For so many years being patient, trying to be nice while always got the opposite, finally we ended accused being the bad one.  
This is only the start.  Situations getting worse and worse after.  More and more people hate me because of this 'enemy' is actively telling negative stories (already heard some stories that are completely lies).  To those people who hate while not knowing the truth (I don't even try to know), I will do my best to ignore them.  I would not sweat myself by telling as many people as I can about the other side of the story, only to people that care to ask.  It's their loss, not mine. In the end, I believe the truth will take its place. 

Experienced one of the best picnic in my life!  Got a short notice from an old friend from university that they invited me to join their picnic in Kebon Raya Bogor.  Had no idea that all the menu were extremely "dangerous".  Sorry, can't tell you the rest of the story. :p

Back to USA! Big thanks to Batavia Madrigal Singers who have mad that happenned. As I proclamied the "Miss Extend" of this group, I (again) extended my stay to travel more on the other parts of USA, doing some roadtrips and explore the West Cost (Las Vegas, Sedona, and THE Grand Canyon!). I also finally got a chance to meet some people I've known in the past, and even some people who had taken some important parts in my past life : my childhood bestfriend (NY), many of my ex-boyfriend's best friends in NY (so happy finally could meet these amazing people face to face!), and my family's best friend who've been moving to LA for the last 15 years (you can't imagine how I miss them so much!!). Also got the chance to do some flashback moments in Washington DC and Niagara Falls as a simple commemoration of the beautiful memories I had, doing road trips all around the East-Coast with my small family in my childhood. The memories would never be repeated in any part of this world, since we've lost my only partner in this family.
Oh, I almost forgot. This month also happend to be a historical moment for Indonesia, since we're the first Indonesian choir who finally could be the Grand Champion in one of the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing series. I know this is the most prestigious choral competition in the world, but since I've realized not so much passion in music I have, this became less enlighting compared to my other experiences popped up within this amazing month. There are some blog posts I wrote during this trip.  They're tagged with the labels #Bulgamerica

June was the time when my first experience bringing the choir I teach going abroad to do some performances. Had a good time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : the great choir performances, the lovely culinary experiences, the lovely people (getting closer with the young adult people of the choir during this trip), and also had a good time during my extend of stay (as always, hihi).  I stayed at my old school friend's place, and met some new friends.  That was a good laid back moment. 

Supposed to be one of the memorable month because of the tickets to my top of most-wanted-places-to-visit list : New Zealand! We'd bought the tickets one year in advance for a very good price, less than US$ 800 for 3 person, round ways!! But definitely there are things beyond our control. The flight was canceled as the route was closed per June 2012. Patient, Self, there would be better times for this one. Believe.

I joined the 2-days workshop of Bacakilat, a technique of reading that would allow us two read 2 pages per second(!).  I first attended the seminar, tried to figure out what kind of technique it was.  I was so curious, plus the seminar was free.  I didn't think I would join the workshop since it was quite expensive and I didn't believe there was a way to make it possible.  But once I heard the word unconscious mind, then all became reasonable.  The first day we learned to 'take pictures' with our eyes using the PMR (Pandangan Mata Reseptif) system and put it in our subconscious memory.  The second day, we learned to recall those memories with the help of hypnotherapy.  Something interesting happened on the 2nd day.  Never thought it would have anything related to those "memories" I had somewhere inside my brain.  I wrote about it here

Just a regular month.  Only regular works, no traveling.  The kind of month good for saving money, haha!  Preparing 2 female choirs for the same competition in early November.  Also on this month a friend getting married, where all best friends gathered together. 

Finally I courageously dared myself to put through everything that always keeps me occupied -- a.k.a Work -- and went to the event that I'd always want to attend, The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. Inspiring moments vigorously appear during the 8-days stay in that one of the quiet place part in Bali. Amazing workshops, fascinating sessions, and (especially) awesome moments spent with my very good friend, Gabi, also with both new friends from the event and those so called strangers. Having this rare feeling that I'm walking on the right path in my life.

Had one of the best birthday I've ever had in my life. Getting myself away from my social life, trying not to depend my grateful feelings on other people. Decided to do a 3-days getaway with some perfect strangers.  The people so called strangers, I found them very amazing people and very good friends after the trip was over.  Special thanks to my friends Bd (Jkt) and Novi (Bekasi), and my newly good friend Sven (Netherland), Hanna (Jkt), Maria (Bekasi), and Mas Gagoek (East Java).  Had a very blissful and inspiring moment. 

Have some interesting experiences with new friends Couchsurfing brought to me during Christmas season. Kinda cheered up the house far more that we decided to build up our Christmas tree again after those grieving moments took control our last Christmas in 2011. 2012 was beautifully ended by an Acapella Christmas Concert by my favorite vocal group : The Swingle Singers. Great masterclass and great performance. Definitely a highlight! \(^.^)/

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