Monday, February 11, 2013

A Choice of Ice Cream

It was an easy Sunday afternoon. Got back from a morning church service in Bogor with a group of friends. A nice traffic in Jakarta combined with an empty schedule afterwards. Definitely one of those relaxing Sundays. Very laid back that 5 of us traveling in the same car decided to sit around for a while, before dispersed ourselves heading back home.

The venue was the very wellknown Pisa Cafe near St. Theresia Church. Empty chairs shaded by both big bright-colored umbrellas and big trees. Only few people were there. Very quiet and home that it's almost felt like stepping into my own backyard at home.

We had a blast. All of us had our own gellatos and also a good time. But the conversations and laughs couldn't make me forgot how interesting the moment we were taking orders was. I had no idea that it would be that complicated. Many tastes of gellatos with numerous kind of mixtures: fruits, syrups, liquor, cakes, cookies, crackers, etc. Don't forget the amount of the scoops. Amazing that they make a name of every combination.

I found that the very simple action was definitely describe how we live our lives. When I relate things with someone's life, please understand that I would never judge which one's better and which one's the opposite. That's not the idea, since I've always think that every life's equal. We're just walking on our own paths.

Banana Split - A Safe Choice
My friend's husband went straight to the Banana Split as soon as we sat on the chair. As you know, Banana Split is an all-time favorite. Everybody knows what's inside a Banana Split. This classic choice suits him in many ways. It's loved by someone who prefer something familiar rather than new experience. Office work in an oil company, get married with a good girl, and many other things that most people would call an 'perfect' life.

Split Half - A Needless Choice
While her husband was getting a Banana Split, my best friend would want nothing more than having a little part of it. See, I told you she was a good girl, right? She always puts everything in its place. From all the clique, she has the most neatly life of all. She's always be the punctual one in every life stages -- she did everything before me and my friends did it. She has always been the first who accomplish every duty our society wants us to do : graduated on time, working as piano teacher before graduated (and never change her work since then), get married to a good guy, get their own house, and blessed with a wonderful son. Some adventurous people might find it vapidly boring. But, hey, the happiest people are the ones who need less in everything, right?

No Menu - Free Spirit
This new friend of mine only sat for few seconds before she went straight to the gellatos display window. That's interesting. She might don't want other people define what she wants. No one can tell her how to live her life. She might also the type that needs to experience things by herself to get the whole feelings. No matter how people feel about it, she needs to find out by herself to decide whether she wants it or not. I liked it when she took not much time to do it. She knew what she wanted that it only took her few seconds before she decided to jump into things. Nice.

Fast Choice - Bring It On!
This is my best friend's elder brother. I found him quite daring and practical. There were so many choices in the menu, but he could simply choose one. I was very sure that he wouldn't have read everything. He just chose one that was lucky enough to be in his sight and sounded quite interesting. He didn't need to know every detail of choices in the world to decide where he would take his step to. Yes, I definitely adore that guts -- you would find out why soon. Hmm, this simply explained his work -- or maybe it's his old work -- as a stock trader. The need for challange and adventure might push him to experience his life more as a single, while most men at his age are already have.

Slow Choice - Doubtful Steps
This last person would be no one but me. I was the last one gave my order. I even let the waiter left and made my friends' orders first before going back to me. I felt the need to know every choice I had. I read it carefully one by one, including every details below. Simply defines me, right? A person that needs to make herself sure about the options before deciding which one she wants. She always wants the best that there would be no regret after. A person that ried so hard to ignore the details, but couldn't. So she just gave a sh*t what people would think and do things in her own deadline. She doesn't mind getting things later than people usually do, and wishing for a happy ending by having something that was definitely made for her.

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