Sunday, March 03, 2013

My Bestfriend's Wedding : A Walk Down Memory Lane

Today. I saw him walking down the aisle. Accompanied by the piano sound through my fingers, he entered the new phase of his life. Literally walking closer, but there's a feeling inside that he was walking away. A mix of happiness and an equal amount of sadness at the same time. Feels like a piece of me being taken away. The good thing is that it's taken for something good -- less worry since I know he departed with the best girl he could get. That's where the happiness comes from.

As the day came closer, I had a walk down the memory lane. I remembered things we had been through. The memories that would never be repeated. The memories that I would forever be grateful at.

... A dance together at Sunday School Christmas event when we were still in elementary school. It's one of the most memorable childhood experience itself -- medley song of Sandy Patty, brilliant coreograpgy by Kak Mindo (RIP), and I was brilliant both in the dancing and the homemade beads t-shirt design (haha!). Through many rehearsal and preparations, that was the first time I know this boy. Never met him for years after.

... Playing music together at the youth community of our church HKBP Sudirman for many, many years -- after the many years gab after the dance. I still can remember how he asked for guidance how to read a music score, understanding all the "dots" spreading between the lines. Hey, look what he's done so far! I see him not only reading vocal melodies, but also an advanced piano accompaniment score! He become more and more brilliant in music! I'm such a proud mama. :p

... An open house everytime I need a place to linger while waiting between activities. Moreover, the very heart-warming families he has gave me an equal comfort. Not only spent time with him, but also with his sister, mother, father, even his late grandma.

... Numerous laughs during hangouts. Nobody would doubt that we had the best chemistries on humor. We've always been the best team in that case -- well, at least in my olinion. We simply need no words to be able to laugh together. In such distance, all we need is just an eye contact. Funny, it even happened on his wedding day. We heard something funny made by another pianist, and then both tried so hard to hold the breath and not laugh. It wouldn't be good if it happened, since I'm sitting up on the altar and he's on the groom seat. Hufft, at least we know we still have it. :-))

... Numerous drop of tears. Well, in this case, I'm the crybaby one. He's such a good listener that I sometimes got carried by emotions while sharing my burden through words upon him. Never saw him dropping tears as I remember. Only when he laughed so hard that didn't able to stop, eyes being glassy during sadness, and the one time I showed him a note I wrote about our friendship :

... Discussions about many stuff happening around us.

... Conflicts with some people and he's always on my side.

... Those short and long trip together when I treated as his first lady out of everyone. Would never forget those few weeks in North Sumatera and also in Samarinda. What a great time with the others! It's good to have such a 'teamwork' in the big crowd. Thanked him for willing to 'sneak around' to do my stuff. :D

... Driving around the town together. This is one of the best moment! He NEVER say no everytime I asked him to drive, whether it's my car or his. But I think the many drive through the church gate together was the one that made many people think we were 'together' (funny that some people still are!).

... Two keyboards, one altar, and a neverending prayer. We both leaned our bodies to the opposite sides. Yes, we (accidentaly) farted on the altar together. X))

... When one of us had to be an artificial boyfriend / girlfriend everytime someone tried (too) hard to get close to one of us, and we don't like it. I remember how a bass player hated him for being too close to me. So sorry for that! X))

... Being each other's witness as people come and go through our lives, and we're still there.

... Tense moments before he would tell the girl he loved about his feeling.

... Spending sooo many hours after work at the recording studio to help me make an album as a birthday gift to my ex boyfriend.

... Saw him after bath without the grown-up male accesories called 'hair-gel'. He looked like I little boy I knew many years back there. That's the moment when I realized I've had him for so many years, and he was exactly the same person. Never changed, both in the look and the relationship. What a funny way to discover a blessing. :-)

... For being the trustworthy one. Never think twice to share my secret, for knowing he's a good keeper, as well as I do.

... Being honored to sing a song in his wedding day.

... and many more.

Our friendship has made it through the years. It's so precious, eventhough it's not always at the same level, especially when he's in a relationship with someone. Being good friends for so many years, his girlfriends usually became a good friend of mine as well. But the gab between me and him also got wider during that times as well. It's just the way it is -- no matter if I'm a guy or a girl.

Having him in more than a half of my life span -- the longest and the best friendship I've ever had -- and realized that this time the gab will last forever, that's where the sadness comes from.

Call me sentimental, but I believe these kind of 'treasures' that keep us alive. Being grateful for beautiful memories we had with our loved ones. We don't remember days, we remember moments. Days will pass, but moments will last forever.

Happy wedding, my friend. Have a save flight to your next phase of life. Wishing you all the happiness you could get. It's the only reason I'm happy in this distance. See you on the other side! :-)

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