Monday, May 20, 2013

Early(-er) Childhood Education

I watched the Biography Channel on TV last night about Early Childhood Education (ECE). They showed the activities of some pre-schools, and how they take it very seriously (sometimes too seriously). Then I realized that this trend on ECE is an international issue.

When you browse about this stuff, it would be easier to find the business-related websites rather than education-related websites that might possibly help you to understand what the issue is about, how to do it, and other guidance. No one would deny how important those domains of childhood development : physical, social, emotional, language, cognitive during childhood, but less and less people tell you that it's possible to be done at home, rather than spending so much money just to have someone to do it on behalf of the parents.

It's so amazing how people would spend so much for this 'newfound' need -- I believe they usually do it later in childhood a decade ago. In Jakarta, many pre-schools are even more expensive than universities. Funny how they make Jean Piaget sounds very commercial. It's definitely not easy to find an affordable pre-schools around. Not surprising yet disappointing fact.

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