Thursday, January 16, 2014

72 Movies that Get You Going

One of the reason why people watch movie is to be able to see, to know, to feel, and to experience things can't be found in the daily. That's why we find it very relaxing. Sometimes that's one of the best getaway during a week. To have our mind and emotions being flown far away.

Sometimes those 'places' we went to while watching those movies were not 'too far' away : places around the globe. There are movies that beautifully provide us images of places. That even the end of the credit title would not be able to stop desire to see, to know, to feel, and to experience them by ourselves. It would still going for hours, for days, for months, for years, or even forever, until we fulfill them.

Here are some movies I've seen that inspire me to pack my bag and go to some places I've never seen before. Most of these movies might not be a travel movie themselves, but I still found them inspiring--travel-wise. It could be the whole movie, the story, the beauty of one place, the culture, the traditional music, or simply just a few minutes scene that could capture the luring 'aura' of those places. 

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