Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Quiet Rendezvous

Serenity, sometimes that's all we need. Unfortunately, you might scarcely find it, especially when you live in an approximately 20 millions populated city. Here I share some of my precious "happy place", my quiet rendezvous. They might be also the place you might also enjoy, especially to my fellow introverts. 

These are 10 cafes or restaurants that I found best to recharge myself. They usually meets the same characteristic, and those don't include the food quality--since I could do any glass of juice as a reason to sit there for an hour or two. :D
  • They usually have small spaces. A big space usually means more tables. More tables would possibly bring more "noise" to the sanctuary.
  • More corners are better than a big square room. 
  • Enough space between tables--because that means more personal space for you as well.  
  • Affordable price.
  • Definitely no live music--nor backsound music if possibly.
  • No malls (eventhough we have 117 of them in town, with pricy parking lot).
  • Preferably with AC, wifi, and electric plug.
  • They might not be the place called "a great place to hang out". Most visitors most likely be a single person with a laptop, a book, or any gadgets. 
  • They're not a hip place (and I really hope they wouldn't be *selfish* :p).
So, here are those places.
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